Time is a gift for blue-collar mothers

Written by Lydia Benedict.

By Lydia Benedict Deseret News Editor's note: This week, Jeff Benedict, author of the column "A Reporter's Notebook," shares a column written by his wife. Dusk is falling as I jump on my bicycle and head for our mailbox. It is a half-mile ride from our front door. I pedal casually at first, looking at our horses grazing in the pasture alongside our driveway. As I ride between the rows of pine trees, a warm breeze stirs their branches. All I hear are birds twittering in the trees and the crunch of the gravel beneath my bicycle tires. Then I hit the dirt road. Much of it is one gradual, low hill. I stand up on the pedals to pump harder. Cresting the hill I sit back, slowing my peddling and breathing. The fireflies send out their mating call: flash on, flash off.

Schools should commit to Straight A’s

Written by Lydia Benedict and Andy Dousis.


Lydia Benedict and Andy Dousis
The Lyme Times


Over the past three months East Lyme school district has undergone some sweeping changes. These changes have been generated by parents, teacher and residents joining forces to insure that the best interest of children and family are protected. This is a good thing. Now, with five of ten-member school board up re-election, we want to utilize this opportunity for an on-going, sustained change for the better. We suggest a new commitment to Straight A’s: Affordability, Accessibility and Accountability.

Of Late-Night Meetings, Extended Days and Family Time


Lydia Benedict and Andy Dousis
The Lyme Times


Next week, the League of Women Voters will host a voter forum for board of education candidates. Neither of us can attend due to prior family commitments. But there are eight other candidates, and this will be an opportunity ti hear what they stand for. We say, let the show go on.

Gift from the Heart

Written by Lydia Benedict.


By Lydia Benedict 
The Friend, Pg. 40


Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me (Matt. 25:40). 

As Tyler climbed out of Grandpa’s truck, the cold January wind off Boston Harbor whipped at his face. With each breath, a tiny cloud of fog appeared in front of him. “This is Boston, Grandpa?”

Not waiting for an answer, he continued eagerly, “Where is Boston Garden? And Fenway Park—where is Fenway Park, Grandpa?”

Smiling, Grandpa answered, “Put your scarf on, and then I’ll show you where everything is.”