This weekend is the grand opening of my very own ice cream store.

This blog post is dedicated to the people whose skills helped make this building my new store…Holy Cow!

Brian Clark

Brian has moved a lot of dirt around my property. When I needed some heavy machinery to prepare the site for my store, Brian was there with his trusty Bobcat.

Brian Clark on his machinery with his wife and son.

Valley Structures

I personally met the owner, Joe Zimmerman and his wife one snowy day last February. Since then, I’ve become a huge fan of Valley Structures. They deliver quality pre-made buildings with an extra dose of curb-side appeal.


Bogar Electric

I’ve relied on Shawn Bogar for all my electrical needs for years now, so he was the first person I called when my building arrived. Shawn is responsive and works promptly. More importantly, his quality work is my insurance against melted ice cream.

(left to right) Paul Johnson and Shawn Bogar

Robert Dickinson

For a retired plumber, Robert Dickinson is a busy man. But he still made time to make sure I had all the water and plumbing I needed in my new store. I wouldn’t get very far without his help.

Robert Dickinson

Billy Campbell

Besides being a good friend, Billy Campbell is a top-notch carpet layer. Although my building didn’t call for carpet, Billy installed the linoleum flooring at Holy Cow!

Billy Campbell

Randy and Zack Stinnett

Randy and his son Zack spent many steamy summer evenings finishing the inside of my building. Their carpentry is what makes the inside of my store so professional. And since Zack is also an employee of Barger’s Custom Cabinets, he put in hours installing cabinets and tying that into the finished walls and trim.

(left to right)…Zack and Randy

Barger’s Custom Cabinets

From taking measurements, to installing the cabinets, countertop and backsplash, Chris and Taylor Barger and the crew at Barger’s Custom Cabinets, were nothing but professional. And the finished look of their products is nothing but exceptional.

Chris Barger and crew

Lew Hamilton

Lew saved me from my own mistakes by coming in at the eleventh hour and removing stone in front of the building in preparation for a wooden deck.

Lew at work

Cheyenne Deckard

Cheyenne is a supremely talented artist and recent graduate of Rockbridge County High School. In a matter of minutes, she produced the sketch that became the Holy Cow logo. I have no doubt Cheyenne will succeed in college as she pursues her dream to be a graphic design artist.


Red Channel Design

Shalyce Narducci, of Red Channel Design, took Cheyenne’s sketch, my ideas, and produced the graphic artwork that is now the logo of Holy Cow! Without this artwork, the face and branding of Holy Cow! would not exist.

Shalyce Narducci

Donelle Dewitt

Donelle walked me through the process of signage. She and and her coworker (Michael) created, built, and installed multiple signs including the one now attached to my building.

Brian Lowdermilk & co.

Brian assisted Donelle by attaching the sign to my building, and making sure that the sign remains attached to my building in high winds.

Donelle and the rest of the sign crew

Wayne Mace and sons

Wayne and sons add a porch

Wayne and his sons, Ryan and Jared, gave Holy Cow! a last-minute facelift. It’s their craftsmanship that not only provides much needed shelter over the front of the store, but also invites you to stop, linger and enjoy some ice cream at Holy Cow!