Candidates For School Board A Dynamic Duo

Written by The Day Staff Writer.




Last week the Democrats in East Lyme endorsed Lydia Benedict as a candidate for the Board of Education. Two thumbs up for the Democrats for getting behind Ms. Benedict. But current Board of Education member Steve McCue, also a Democrat, argued against endorsing Ms. Benedict and was quoted in The Day saying: “Some people who want to be on the board will prove to be very divisive to the board.” (“Democrats endorse full slate of candidates in East Lyme,” June 23.)


Now Mr. McCue and the Board of Education have more to contend with than just Ms. Benedict. East Lyme varsity football coach Andy Dousis has announced that he, too, will seek election to the school board and will team up with Ms. Benedict as candidates. Talk about a building up a head of steam. Together, Ms. Benedict and Mr. Dousis pack a powerful one-two punch.


Both have proven themselves to be strong, articulate advocates for children and schools. Both are well-respected in our community. Neither one is a politician. And both of them possess the most important qualification for the position they seek: one is a committed mother and other a committed father. Both have children in the school system.


It is a proven fact that schools succeed best when parents are actively involved in their children's education. No doubt the Benedict-Dousis team will get people to the voting booths come November. But more important, the two of them are sure to inspire a wave of new parents to get involved in the daily goings-on of the Board of Education. Maybe that's what bothers Mr. McCue and those others on the Board of Education who oppose their candidacy — the status quo is being challenged.