Benedict Conducts Campaign With Class

Written by The Day Staff Writer.




It is appalling to watch the way the East Lyme Board of Education's Democratic members and the town's outgoing superintendent have attacked Lydia Benedict. When people stoop to this degree of personal attacks, they are clearly scared.

 What's even more remarkable is that Lydia Benedict has stood her ground and has not fired back. I don't know many people who could or would tolerate this kind of onslaught, and all because she wants to serve her town on the Board of Education.


 The fact that she has maintained integrity through all this makes me wish I lived in East Lyme and could vote for her. I only met her recently. After talking with her and witnessing what is going on, I have contributed money to her campaign. My daughter, who is an elementary-education major in college, is working on her campaign, along with other college students. Our family will do everything we can to get her elected.

 Anyone who meets Lydia Benedict will discover that East Lyme is lucky to have her as a candidate. If nothing else, she has brought dignity and civility to the forefront.

 As an outside observer, I don't know the other board members such as Mary Broderick and Steve McCue. I can only go on what they have written in their letter to the Democratic Party denouncing Lydia Benedict. They then attacked her in the newspaper. That looks childish, undemocratic and leave a sour taste. What kind of message does this send to the parents and children in the school district?